Today, going green has become an important trend. People now realize that recycling is necessary for environmental sustainability. Reusing items help keep waste from landfills. So, in a time that everyone is going green, why not take it a step further? Go green with pet supplies.

Buy and use items that are made from recycled materials. For instance, there are fleece beds that are made from recycled soda bottles. Not only that, but they are stuffed with scraps of fleece. Products like this are essential, because they utilize recycled materials for both the fabric and stuffing. They are durable and give a new life to each item.

Another way to go green with pet supplies is to use alternatives to common materials. For example, one and a half millions tons of clay is striped-mined each year to make cat liter. Landfills get dumped with fifty thousand pounds of it each week. To make matters worst, the liter never goes away. Therefore, it’s important to find an alternative. Cat liter can be made in a way that allows it to be composted. It can be created from wheat, corn, recycled newspaper, or even mill wastes. Finding these alternatives will reduce landfill waste, drastically.

Use products that are organic. Choose items have free range meat and poultry, as well as organic grains and flours. Not only is it better for your pet, but also the environment. Look at labels and choose products that have natural ingredients. Avoid things such as: pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and chemical preservatives. This will make for a healthy pet living in a healthy world.

Durable products are another green pet supply. Dogs can tear apart a toy in an instance. So, it’s important to buy a toy that can last. They won’t necessarily last forever, but it’s important to purchase one that won’t end up in the trash the same day. One durable toy is enough to keep many other throwaway toys from a landfill. Therefore, remember to take durability into account when shopping.

Green Pet Supply is here to help with your endeavor. Our Eco-friendly pet supplies will aid in your quest of going green in every way possible. We can minimize our impact on the environment and reduce our use of the planet’s resources. Together, we’ll work towards both healthy pets and a healthy world